Step 1: Online Banking Enrollment

The following 4 steps will enroll you with Tri Counties Bank Online Banking Services.

    By selecting I Agree below, you agree to the following:

    1. You agree to receive applicable disclosures electronically. Your consent applies to receiving initial and future Electronic Fund Transfer, Truth in Savings, Change-in-Terms Notices, Annual Privacy Policy disclosures. It also applies to receiving monthly statements (E-Statements). To ensure that we are able to provide you with notices and information from time to time, you must update us with any change in your e-mail address. To do so, please contact us in writing at Tri Counties Bank, Attention On-line Banking, 63 Constitution Dr., Chico, CA 95973.

    Please Note: Disclosure, including periodic statements, will be deemed delivered regardless of whether the Bank sends a valid e-mail telling you that the disclosure is available for veiwing.

    Tri Counties Bank reserves the right to discontinue your enrollment in eStatements and/or the Alert service if you fail to provide a valid email address.

    2. You have the right to receive any of the above disclosure(s) in paper form. Also, all future disclosures will not be distributed in paper unless you contact and request a paper version.

    3. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic disclosures at any time. Note: To withdraw your consent or obtain any of the above referenced documents in paper form, please contact Tri Counties Bank by telephone at (800)922-8742 or in writing at Tri Counties Bank, Attention Online Banking, 63 Constitution Dr, Chico CA 95973. There is no fee for obtaining paper copies of disclosures, or for withdrawing your consent to receiving electronic disclosures.

    4. Tri Counties Bank Online relies on certain security processes that may require changes to your computer system. To access Tri Counties Bank Online, you will need an Internet service provider, a modem (28,800 baud or higher is recommended), and Browser software which supports Secure Sockets Layer, such as Internet Explorer 5.0, or higher. Your Browser will also need to allow the storing of cookies from the online banking site. And finally, you will need a computer monitor capable of displaying Internet Web pages and graphics.

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